12-14 October 2018
The Forum with no expert keynote speakers in Singapore
Helping leaders develop future-responsive visions and transformation strategies for their companies and themselves
change — vision — transformation
The world is changing rapidly, faster than we can make sense of it.

If you are a leader, you need to lead from a robust yet flexible vision that is responsive to the ever emerging future.
You can meet this challenge only if you're ready to transform your company and yourself.
No single leader or single company can thrive in the future. How can we build networks of connection with other visionary leaders to create the world in which we all thrive?
NoGuru effect = collective intelligence x deep personal inquiry and transformation

How can you create a vision for your company in 2030 that is informed by an ecosystem of trends and strategic synergies between multiple industries? How can you understand better their interdependence and multiple effects on your business?

If you are called to design and lead organization-wide transformation in business models, strategies, structures, cultures and mindsets of people, consider attending the NoGuru Forum.When it comes to this level of complexity, accelerated by our rapidly changing world, no one guru can give you valid advice.
We propose that there are two kinds of power that generate this transformation: the power of collective intelligence and the power of connecting to deep personal wisdom and intuition that is beyond intelligence.

We gather future-responsive leaders from all over the world to a Learning Expedition, a time-tested methodology of collaborative inquiry developed by Community Intelligence.
Before the Forum

August to September 2018

You prepare yourself by:

1. Participating in generative conversation with a member of the hosting team, which will help you select a subset of the global trends most relevant to your unique working conditions.

2. Linking up with other participants of your choice to start exploring mutually beneficial connections.

3. Reviewing the Forum's welcome package of materials tailored to help you get the most value from your participation

During the Forum

October 12 to 14
The forum is conducted as a strategy hackathon with multiple companies.

1. We discover, amplify, and tap into our collective intelligence

  • Participants work in small NoGuru circles and discuss their visions and transformation strategies.
  • We use Matrix Leadership and Circles of Inquiry methodologies to ensure deep dialogue and transforming, synergizing connections.

2. We create space for personal reflection

Each day of the Forum participants have the opportunity to do individual and paired vision walks in over 30 of the best natural and cultural locations in Singapore

After the Forum

2018 - 2019
You will have the opportunity to continue working together with your peers in a global Transformative Community of Practice, supporting each other to turn vision into effective actions and business realities that surpass your dreams.
Participants of the forum are future responsive leaders from Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The hosting team of the Forum:
George Pór
UK, founder of Enlivening Edge, faculty member of Meridian University and Co-Director of Community Intelligence Ltd.
Amina Knowlan
USA, founder & director; consultant & trainer with Matrix Leadership Institute.
Chip Richards
Australia, founder and co-director in New Earth Creations, writer.
Maggie Weiss
USA, executive coach of and strategic consultant.
Heidi Gutekunst
Finland, CEO in Amara Collaboration.
Dana Carman
USA, founder in Dana Carman Integral Consulting.
Anna Betz
UK, Co-Director of Community Intelligence Ltd.
Jody Gold
USA, consultant and trainer with Matrix Leadership Institute.
Tom Egan
USA, consultant and trainer with Matrix Leadership Institute.
Phillip Guzenuk
Russia, partner in Coaching Institute of Saint-Petersburg, founder in Happinessinaction.ru and NoGuru Forum.
Sergey Sukhov
Russia, director and co-founder in NoGuru Forum.

Singapore is a country and a megapolis. It's the place that is built both: on the principles of corporation of the future and Feng Shui principles. Its motto is Passion makes possible!

It's the place where West and East meet, where you can see the unique combination of innovative technologies and natural beauty.

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